Wednesday 7 November 2012

Rubbing Shoulders

Hey! Armchair Curlers.

If you want to see the best curlers in the world, but are not keen on sitting through a two hour game, (the games are only eight ends in the World Curling Tour events), why not come to the club for the second half of the game? Come an hour after the draw begins. Have a drink, or a coffee. Watch the winning shots. Order a meal in the curling clubroom, have a visit and rub shoulders with, oh, I dunno, Kevin Martin? Mike McEwen? Or how about the Gunner, Jason Gunnlaugson, who went to curl in Russia and is now curling for Jim Cotter? Or maybe last year's Saskatchewan champs, the mild-mannered team Manners. Manitoba Champs, Rob Fowler will be here, and well, yah, Stoughton is coming too. Nothing like having a few world champions in the club. How about an Olympic Medalist... No, not Martin, we mean John Shuster (from Duluth Minnesota). He won a bronze in Turin in '06. Well, there's also the leading money winner from Europe, team Michel from Switzerland, and their arch rivals and countrymen, deCruz. The strong Saskatchewan teams are lining up for the $50,000 prize money... Laycock, Bryden, Hartung. And our loyal regulars, who know the ice the best, like Thompson's Sam Antila, and Willie Lyburn, provincial runner-up. This is going to be the best White's yet.

The fifteenth annual White's Drug Store Curling Classic takes place at the Swan River Curling Club this weekend, Friday November 9 – starting at 10 am until playoff time on Monday November 12. There are four draws every day. The games will pause for a Remembrance Day ceremony at 11am on Sunday.

Day passes are only $5. Weekend passes are only $15. Come for a visit, buy some refreshments. Enjoy the excitement. See you there.


  1. Hi y'all,

    Does the draw list all the curlers? I.e. I don't see a "B side"; is that a consolation draw for the losers of the first round yet to be posted? Pardon my ignorance, I'm just the video guy! Great line-up you got this year (WOW!)

    1. The A-side draw does list all the curlers. Then, if they lose, they drop to B or C, aiming to qualify for the championship round on Monday. If you click the "CHECK THE DRAW" button on the latest post, it will take you to the draw utility. CU later!