Tuesday 9 November 2010

2010....24 Teams. $1500 Skins Game

(Just click on the image of the draw to read it)

The White's is set to go with 24 teams.  The first draw is Thursday 10am.  There will be 1 minute of silence at 11am to commemorate Remembrance Day.

The draw will be posted at the WCT site momentarily.  The finals go Sunday QF 9am, SF Noon, and CF 3pm.

NOTICE TO MEDIA:  To receive email updates after each draw, send an email to:  Whites Draw Room Contact and you will be added to the mailing list.

The Junior entry from Saskatchewan (Moskowy) had to bow out and Neal Watkins has entered the draw - hoping to meet The Bear in game two, on Thursday evening.  That will draw an extra eager crowd to the Swan River Curling Club.

The Martin Team has set aside time to meet with the school children of the Swan River Valley to show off their Olympic Gold.

Weekend passes are only $15.  Day passes $5.  Pick up passes at the door, or at Whites Drug Store on Main Street Swan River.

See you there!

Saturday 16 October 2010

2010....The Mighty Shall Congregate at The White's

With the Kevin Martin foursome as the defending champion for the White's Drug Store Curling Classic, November 11-14 in Swan River, MB, other teams looking to earn CTRS points for qualifying amongst the best in the world are opting for the White's.

The White's classic has confirmations from teams loyal to the November classic.  The David Bohn rink from Winnipeg and the Joel Jordison team from Moose Jaw know what kind of ice they will be facing.  Barry Tall makes simply great ice.  It's very keen.  Kevin Martin is returning to defend his title and that has sparked interest among some of the contenders.  Claudio Pescia from Switzerland and also from across the pond, if you want to count them among the Russians, the Gunnlaugson team is in.  Pat Simmons is driving the 3 hours from Regina to prove his might and Rob Fowler's newly fleshed-out team from Brandon will also be in The Valley to topple a few.

The event is a definite go.  Entries are still coming in.   Unfortunately, Curl Manitoba's Southern Berth 'Spiel is the same weekend and that has pulled a few top Manitoba teams who want an extra chance for a Provincial Berth. But Alberta and Saskatchewan teams are calling and the Roland Team from North Dakota is making the drive up Highway 83 to test its staying power.

If your team is considering the trip - it is going to be a dynamite show.  The club is great for viewing.  Swan River is a really relaxing community with everything handy.  Hospitality is easy-going, and again, you will not find better ice.
Spectators can get day-passes for $5 or event passes for $15.  The clubrooms are licenced and there is a great cafĂ© in the club.

Contact information is at the WCT page:  White's Drug Store Curling Classic

Tuesday 21 September 2010

2010....Whites Purse - to $51,500 from $42,000

$51,500 Whites' Drug Store Curling Classic

Clarification to the Whites' Curling Classic - we have increased the purse.

To Inform everyone about the Whites' Curling Classic.
Prize Breakdown based on 32 Team Entry
1st $12,000
2nd $8,000
3rd-4th $6,000
5th-8th $4,500

$1,500 Skins Match between the 2 A-Side Qualifiers. Total $51,500.00

Breakdown for 24 Team Entry
1st $10,000
2nd $7,500
3rd-4th $5,500
5th-8th $3,500

$1,500 Skins Match between the 2 A-Side Qualifiers. Total $44,000.00

Prize structure will adjust depending on how many entries we receive. We are approaching 24 Teams already so if you plan on attending, I urge you to do it quickly! When we reach 24 teams, our committee will evaluate how entries are coming in and determine if we try to reach a 32 team field.

Remember our Entry Fee is $1,000

Thanks to our Great Sponsors we have here in the Swan River Valley we are adding $20,000.00 to the prize money handed down.

Send entries to Whites Drug Store Curling Classic
Box 1192
Swan River, MB
R0L 1Z0

If you need to contact me, e-mail me at ghardy2@hotmail.com
or call (204) 734-8767

2010....13th White's Drug Store Curling Classic

Last November, Kevin Martin and his team took home the big prize at the White's Drug Store Curling Classic at the Swan River Curling Club, in Manitoba's beautiful Swan River Valley.

Entries for the 13th annual $42,000 purse are arriving, nearing the critical 24-mark.  The Swan River Curling Club is a beautiful 6-sheet arena style rink, and ice maker Barry Tall makes the sweetest of ice, so organizers are expecting to reach 32.

There are memories of the 2008 blizzard that threw the White's for a whack - but that was a once-in-a-century fluke.  Kinda like JJ's in '05?

There are CTRS points for grabs here and Swan River Valley hospitality is unmatched. We'll post the teams soon.  Send your entries ($1000/team) to

White's Drug Store Curling Classic
c/o Gord Hardy
Box 1192
Swan River, Mb
R0L 1Z0