Thursday 18 October 2012

Youth Power

Josh Heidt at the Helm
Josh Heidt has stepped out from under the veil of his ever present father's curling legacy.  In his last showing at The White's, Josh was with his dad and his brother, Mitch.  This year, he is at the helm.  He has his own team.  He wants to face some of the biggies and here is his opportunity raise the Heidt name.

From Kerrobert, Josh has Brock Montgomery, Matt Lang, and Dustin Kirby with him.  Youth is on their side.  White's fans love the reckless abandon of the young teams and expects to see some drama and excitement from these boys.

Monday 15 October 2012

Cotter with a loaded Gunn

He's Baaayaaak.  But this time Jason Gunnlaugson has stayed in the country to find his curling destiny.  Flamboyant up and comer who fearlessly wowed the crowd at the Oly Trials before Vanoc2010, gambles professionally, considers relinquishing his Canadian Olympic rights to Moscow offers and now has landed with perhaps the meekest of contenders in the country.  But meek in a good way.  Quiet.  Determined.  Accurate.  The ever present Jim Cotter has also been shuffling positions and relationships on the ice, throwing the brick, calling the game, sweeping.  We don't hear much from him but his signature Cat Hat makes him instantly identifiable and when we see him we know the team will not be taken lightly.  What a match up.  Joining Jim and Gunner are Tyrel Griffith and Rick Sawatsky.  They are curling out of Kelowna/Vernon.  Good luck boys.

South of the Line

Team Shuster.  The four J's: John, Jeff, Jared and JohnII.  Skip, John Shuster has had a taste of the biggest podium in our sport, he got the Bronze in Turin in '06.  Since then, he's been climbing the ranks in the USA, as the skipper and now is clearly in the top five.  He sees himself heading to Sochi in 2014 and needs to face the music to test his mettle.   The Duluth foresome will cross the 49th and head up to The Valley so they can earn some points, some money and look their challengers in the eye.  Early season results have been strong for Team Schuster.  They took top prize in the St. Paul's Cash Spiel and qualified in the Point Optical in Saskatoon. Whites will be their 4th WCT event of the season.

John Shuster curls with Jeff Isaacson, Jared Zezel, and John Lansteiner

Sunday 14 October 2012

The Money Hunter

Yep. McEwen is in the mix.  We can see the smug grin and the determined posture.  Whites' here it comes.

Westman connections run deep at the Whites' so this will be a natural.