Monday, 12 November 2012

Qualifiers & Streaming

Congratulations to the 2012 White's Drug Store Curling Classic Champion
Team McEwen
Skip Mike McEwen, Third BJ Neufled, 2nd Matt Wozniak, and Lead Denni Neufeld

Championship Final:  STREAMED 

 Bryden from Regina - 2
McEwen from Winnipeg - 4

Semi Finals:
STREAMED: McEwen vs Cotter - McEwan 5 Cotter 2
Bryden vs McNamee - Bryden 5 McNamee 4
Quarter Finals:

Martin vs Bryden - Bryden wins 7-6 EE
STREAMED: McNamee vs Heidt - McNamee wins 9-5
McEwen vs Stoughton - McEwen slaughters 8-0 in three ends
Hartung vs Cotter - Cotter wins 6-5

McNamee Team was awarded the berth the the Manitoba Safeway Provincial Championships.

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