Sunday 10 November 2013

Marsh - Eriksson Qualify

As always, the A-Side qualifiers get a Skins Game - a chance to make a bit more coin.  And this year, It's the young bloods

A-Side Qualifyer Team Marsh from Saskatoon
Team Marsh from Saskatoon sports curling's version of the Sedin Twins! These young Marsh boys, Kevin and Dan, along with mates Matthew Ryback and Aaron Shutra have quietly marched to the A-Side Final in the $50,000 Whites Drug Store Curling Classic.

"They even use Sedins' numbers on their curling jerseys."

Spectators were contemplating whether they were twins. "Well they certainly share the same build." "They are definitely brothers."

Three women discussed the possiblity of twinship while watching the early ends of Marsh's game agains their Saskatoon Nutana Curlinc Club mates, Team Korte. It was a hockey fan on the next bench, an eavesdropper, who spouted in the hockey jersey fact.  Sporting numbers 22 and 33, they are definitely having fun with the Canuk's Sedin twins.
"Well that clinches it,"  the women agreed.

And it was the fourth time Korte and March had met this season including a loss to them in the Point Optical in Saskatoon.  Korte had the veteran feel, runner-up in the 2013 Saskatchewan Tankard, but this time, when there was money at stake, Marsh exuded playful confidence. It seems getting out of the home down has given them a relaxed feel.  They are on a roll and their youth friendly demeanor has warmed them to the Swan River audience.

A-Side Qualifier Team Eriksson from Karlstad Sweden
And they will be up against another youthful team.  This time there are no twins, but yes, brothers Eriksson.  A team that is much higher in the WCT cash rankings - in 18th spot - and a chance to move up significantly, Team Eriksson from Sweden. They've had a grueling season with good results, QF's and CF's losses, and have regularly hit the money.  One of six European teams at this year's Whites, Team Eriksson downed perennial Whites qualifier Randy Bryden from the Callie Club in Regina in his qualifying game.  Until this loss, Bryden had notched up eight straight wins in WCT play this season, taking the big winnings in Medicine Hat in October.  Team Ericksson took an early four, and then Bryden started picking away, at the young Swedes, coming within a point and with a chance to steal a tie, but Eriksson shook off the dust of consecutive steals by Bryden and put him away to move into the money round and play the skins game today, at 1:30 pm Central Time.

1:30 pm CST
Marsh of Saskatoon - $1000
Eriksson of Sweden - $500

The championship final will be streamed.  Monday at 4pm Central time. Follow here for links.

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