Wednesday, 2 October 2013

2013 Whites Entries are Arriving

Teams are writing Whites into their money earning curling schedule.  It's the 16th annual!

November 8-11 - with the championship round on the Monday - a day of remembrance.

Because the the grand purse, Whites attracts the world's best.  And the location is also great - a reasonable road trip for Manitoba and Saskatchewan teams.  And teams will also come by air - private planes (Swan has a great little air port) or with a rental car from Regina - a bit of a trip (3hrs) - but so worth it.  Teams also drive up from North Dakota and Minnesota, and Whites has a history of European teams making the trip.


The Ice.  The ice at the Whites is reliable, keen, and world class.  Swan River Curling Club is a 6 sheet open, arena style club, with great viewing.  It is an easy event because the community is small enough to be convenient - 5 minutes to the club from anywhere - and the hospitality is easy going.

The WCT page shows that KMart won it two in a row, a few years back.  What it fails to show us is that he also shot for the big bucks in 2012 but the field was too tough - and it's getting tougher. Great teams love Whites.

Get your entries in. Contact Brent Scales
P: 204-734-0002

And keep following to see who is in the mix.

While you are here, take a gander at the sponsor participation - this is an event that draws attentive regional crowds of folk who know the background on all of the teams and appreciate the feisty nature of the WCT 8-end contests.


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