Sunday, 9 September 2012

Regional and Local Favourites

van Krommer
Rob van Kommer from Carberry wants to repeat.  He made his way to the 2012 Safeway Championships through the berth 'spiel and you can bet he's heading here to get back to the big 'spiel and improve his record there.  van Kommer curls in the Westman Superleague.

Howie Scales - the OTHER Scales.  A Swan River team with the same pedigree as the former provincial champ. Unscathed. Unrattled. Watch for Truck Saver Auto Imports.  That's these guys.

Neil Watkins.  A precision thrower and a strategist.  Curlers throw well for Neil.  He puts a great end together and is in the mix to line 'em and stack 'em into some wins.  Valley fans will be out in full support.

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