Monday, 10 September 2012

The Pesky MCT Regulars

Manitoba teams are never counted out.  These teams earn berths to the provinicals through their regions, or through the spiels.  They earn their points and the win the money.  They know the ways to win and are in the Whites', fearless and determined.  Young front ends.  Seasoned skippers.
  • Sam Antila drives south to The Valley from the Burntwood Curling Club is a well known face in the Whites'.  Marnoch comes from Cash Spiel Headquarters in Carberry.  Has Safeway Championships play under his belt.  Sean Grassie known for his play at the Mixed Nationals and also as a heavyweight among MCT teams. The Whites has been rounded out by team Scott Madams from Winnipeg.  Thanks for making the trip Scott.

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